@ Basement, Enghavevej 42, Copenhagen V.

Tickets: 60,-/30,- (students, unemployed, groups of 5 or more)

Is it time for a REVOLUTION, seeing that CAPITALISM and CONSUMERISM has resulted in ever-rising inequality, near-destruction of our planet, and the murderous rage of terrorists?

Are we really prepared to give up SHOPPING? Should MARX be revived (again!)? WHO would we even be revolting against? Who are the DESPOTS? Is the system RIGGED?

Our riotous musical revolves around criminals with bourgeois aspirations, religious gangsters, royalist brown-noses, marxist prostitutes, self-made reality sensations, a Chorus of free-moving EU-spongers, – WINNERS and LOSERS in the capitalist game.

We won’t give the ending away – it’s the only one we have, but it’s definitely HAPPY!


December 1st 19:00

December 3rd 19:00

December 4th 16:30

December 5th 11:30 (SOLD OUT) & 16:30 (SOLD OUT)

December 6th 13:30 (SOLD OUT) & 19:00

December 7th 13:30 (SOLD OUT) & 19:00

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TICKETS: 60,-/30,- (students, unemployed, groups of 5 or more)
Doors open and performances start at the stated times; last entry 30 minutes after.

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Feb 25, 2017 @10 – 17