Art and Career

The performer trains to take command of both art and career

Apart from going through a highly demanding and practical acting training, the aim is for the students to become effectively equipped for both artistic and professional entrepreneurship. Not only should the performers be trained to make distinctive artistic choices, but also to take command of their own careers. The actors of the future should also be equipped to undertake project planning and managing, fundraising etc. In addition, their creativity should not be limited to artistic endeavors, but trained to think unconventionally in terms of new media, new forms of artistic expression, new funding channels, and new collaborations between the business and the arts world.

In short: the performer takes genuine ownership both artistically and professionally.

Our aim is for the training to become a BA (Honours) in Acting and we’re currently in concrete negotiations with with a European university. Please watch this space for updates. 

With a BA accreditation of the CISPA training, alumni will have endless opportunities of further academic and practical research (MA/MFA) at other national and international universities. Already, the CISPA training qualifies graduates to a series of post-graduate studies around the world within the performing arts. 

CISPA offers a training that qualifies the performer to challenge habitual thinking both in terms of art and career, and to create new ways of performing, researching, and project devising and developing.