Practical Info

The professional 3 Year Acting Course at CISPA is a full-time study with an average of 35 lessons a week, 5 days a week. In addition, there’s a considerable amount of preparation. E.g. scene and character work, text analysis and project work. However, most students find time to hold a part-time job in order to pay their school fees and daily expenses. 


Annual Fees 2017 – 2018: 

3 Year Professional Acting Course: 

DKK 56.000 per year

(35 weeks, approx. 1225 lessons)

Audition Fee:

DKK 500


Application Deadline:

1 week before the particular audition date 



If you’re accepted at CISPA, we ask you to pay a reservation fee of DKK 10.000 within 2 weeks of receiving the acceptance email. It may be paid via bank or net-banking:

Reg. no. 8411 

Account no 4157243

IBAN: DK3484110004157243


This fee reserves your place at CISPA, and is later deducted from your school fee. If you don’t pay the reservation fee, the place offered to you will be offered to a shortlisted applicant. In case you pay the reservation fee and decide not to attend the course, the fee will not be refunded.

Remaining fee:

The remaining fee for the first year of DKK. 46.000 is to be paid no later than 1 month before the course starts.

Tranche payment:

You may choose to pay the remaining fee for the first year in two tranches of DKK. 25.000, in which case the total annual fee is DKK. 60.000.

Alternative payment schemes may be agreed upon to meet the requirements of specific career development programmes. Please contact the administration if you’re eligible for such a programme.

You may freely cancel your attendance on the course until 2 weeks prior to its start, in this case half of the amount will be reimbursed (excluding DKK 10.000, equivalent of the reservation fee). This is only applicable if the entire school fee has been paid. In the case of later cancellation, none of the fees paid will be reimbursed.

We reserve the possibility of change of teacher, postponement of classes, changes of curricular content and adjustments to fees, which will be announced in due time. In any such case, whatever replacement made will of course be commensurate with the philosophy and ethos of the school and the standard of teaching will be rigorously maintained.

School Terms 2017/18 

1st Term: week 36 – 41

2nd Term: week 43 – 49

3rd Term: week 1 – 6

4rth Term: week 8 – 12

5th Term: week 14 – 23

The 3 Year Professional Acting Course starts September 4th, 2017. 

If successful, students commencing their training in 2017, will graduate June, 2020.

Complaints policy:

At CISPA, we do our utmost to provide students with a highly specialized training and have solicitude about the students’ professional and personal welfare. However, we recognize that on rare occasions, students may feel that specific classes or parts of the course content fall short of what they could reasonably expect. Also, given the challenging nature of the training, students might experience episodes where they feel that teachers or the management might have acted with greater care or attention to individual student(s).

Mutual trust is the cornerstone of this kind of training, and we would expect to resolve any day-to-day difficulties or complaints informally, quickly and with mutual generosity of spirit. In the first instance, we would expect you to raise any complaint or worries directly with the member of staff concerned.

The more formal procedure outlined below is therefore intended solely for students in the unlikely event of informal communication not having resolved the problem.

This is what you should do:

The complaint should be made either in person, by telephone or email to the management, who will acknowledge, in writing within 3 days the receipt of any complaint. In addition, the complaint should be sent to the Chairman of the Student Board.

This is what CISPA will do:

The management and the Student Board will investigate the circumstances leading to the complaint and call the complainant(s) for a meeting within a reasonable time – normally within 1 week of the complaint being received. The participants will be the management, any other member of staff directly involved, 2 members of the Student Board and the complainant(s). If, at this meeting, the complaint is found to be justified, the participants must find consensus as to any potential further action.