Didactic Approach

The starting point of our teachings is a celebration of all aspects of humanity.

At CISPA, we work from the premise that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, both concerning the methodological and artistic components of a performance and the individual with the group.

The starting point of our teachings is a celebration of all aspects of humanity within each of us, embracing the concepts of transformative learning and Jungian individuation. We prompt and encourage knowledge of the Self – after all, as actors, our bodies, minds and souls (i.e., our mindbodies), are the tools we use in the creation of our work. As Stanislavski said, “What would I do if this were me?”, so a deep and detailed understanding of the Self is paramount.

This process of achieving a heightened consciousness of one’s Self and embracing the idiosyncratic attributes of one’s own individual, personal, social, cultural and national background, while bravely encountering and embracing the essential Other, is a central didactic premise at CISPA. It enables the students to act freely, based on their individual nature and unique creativity,
but liberated from the compulsion to conform to preconceived ideas of oneself, while ultimately yielding to the collective flow beyond national and cultural borders.

Cultural and Artistic Entrepreneurship

The performer trains to take entrepreneurial ownership of both their artistic and career endeavours. 

Apart from going through a highly demanding and practical acting training,  students become effectively equipped for both artistic and cultural entrepreneurship. This includes cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural and transnational competencies and practices, a fusion of cultural horizons, which equip graduates with the skill- and mindset to conceive, devise, rehearse, perform, produce and manage co-creational, artistic projects, using different performative media.

Performers are trained to make distinctive artistic choices, and to take command of their own careers, not only as individual artistic endeavours but as expressions of active (world) citizenship. 

CISPA graduates have been accepted to MA programmes at other national and international universities on the basis of the CISPA 3 Year Professional Acting Course. The course is BA level certified by the Danish Accreditation Institution/The Ministry of Higher Education and Science. 

CISPA offers a training that qualifies the performer to challenge habitual thinking both in terms of art and career, and to create new ways of performing, researching, and project devising and developing.

Prices & Practical info

The professional 3 Year Acting Course at CISPA is a full-time study with an average of 35 lessons a week, 5 days a week. In addition, there’s a considerable amount of preparation. E.g. scene and character work, text analysis and project work. However, most students find time to hold a part-time job in order to pay their school fees and daily expenses.

3 Year Professional Acting Course:   DKK 60.000 per year
(35 weeks, approx. 1225 lessons)

Audition Fee:   DKK 500


Application Deadline: 1 week before the particular audition date