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3rd year

Acting Technique
The focus of the 3rd year of training is how, as a performer, do I obtain personal and artistic ownership of all the techniques I’ve learnt? How do I strive to become, not only a very skilled actor, but a truly creative artist? You’ll work with scenes within different performative media, and productions within different genres, collaborating with a series of experienced directors. The student practices further utilising his/her methodic tools in a confident and independent way, and he/she is encouraged and guided to cultivate an acting method that suits his/her particular artistic temperament.

The student is guided to finding a professional opportunity for apprenticeship within any performative medium (theatre, film, TV, internet, radio). The aim is for the student to gain additional professional acting experience and extending his/her network. Previous students have had their apprenticeship in as various places as Copenhagen, Odense, Holstebro, Ebeltoft, Reykjavik, New York, Cape Town and London.

Final exam

The CISPA training is completed with a final production, directed by a guest director. The actors work with a modern theatre piece during a 10 week rehearsal period, resulting in a production, which is presented to an invited audience of industry members and other guests. An assessment panel, consisting of both internal and external teachers/directors and the artistic directors of CISPA, evaluate the actor’s final performance.

Subsequently, the graduating performers will receive their diploma.