We are proud to offer an international and cross-cultural education, providing students with the competencies to create careers that can span the globe. In this day and age, performers must be prepared to bring their best to a cross-disciplinary production in London one month, film with Netflix in Malta some months later, and subsequently be creating their own independent production in the country they call home.

In order to meet these high and varied demands posed on the international scene, we provide our students with an outstanding training that engenders both personal and artistic autonomy, robustness, cross-cultural competencies, and well-grounded experience with entrepreneurship over their own projects.

Our mindbody approach to actor training is a cutting edge amalgamation of different methods, techniques and philosophies, particular the movement methodology of Rudolf Laban, Stanislavsky’s acting techniques, and C.G. Jung’s research on archetypes and the collective unconscious.

We believe in a holistic training that will provide our students with the necessary tools to succeed as performers in a cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary context, as well as enable them to manifest their own artistic vision. This is also reflected in the methodological backgrounds, varied skill sets, and diverse nationalities of our faculty members and guest teachers/directors.

At CISPA we believe in the well-being of the individual and the collective as a prerequisite for a healthy democratic society, and in performers as active citizens of the world. Inherent in the education is this aspect of personal and collective empowerment, which is supported structurally in many ways, including an open-door culture that facilitates a continuous exchange between students, teachers and management. Not only to ensure that urgent issues receive instantaneous attention, but most fundamentally to build an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.

We continually develop our acting methods practically and theoretically. We constantly assess and further develop our tools both in the daily practice, in collaboration with students and other teachers, in teacher seminars, and not least by CISPA being part of a very active transnational platform for collaborative practice research. Each year we’re proud to personally host an international conference on actor training, forming part of an extensive ongoing collaboration with diverse international organisations, institutions and networks of performing arts practitioners and researchers, most notably The Makings of the Actor (Greece/international), the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (UK), Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation (Greece), and the Labanarium (France/international).

CISPA will not only prepare you for the challenges of an ever more complex, globalized performing arts industry, but also give you the tools to unleash your unique artistic voice and continually sharpen your methodological skills.

International profile – international teachers

As well as a core group of CPH based teachers (Danish and international), we have the commitment of an impressive network of experienced teachers from USA, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Iceland, Italy and Canada.

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Students from all over Europe

About 30 students are currently in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of training at CISPA They come from various European countries: e.g. Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Switzerland, and Portugal. We consider it an essential part of the artistic endeavour that students and teachers with different national, cultural and social backgrounds inspire and challenge each other in a mutual striving for artistic excellence and originality.

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Development of the methodological approach

At CISPA we take pride in our collaboration with both national and international guest teachers and directors with various methodological approaches, who all contribute to the theoretical and practical development of a contemporary acting methodology. We engage teachers and directors, who, like us, are solidly rooted in a methodological tradition, but who’re interested in contributing to further research and mutual exchange for the benefit of both teachers and students.

We’re dedicated to bringing in internationally acclaimed directors for graduation productions. In addition, we make use of an extensive international network to identify the most exciting up-and-coming directors (in Denmark and abroad) within all performative media.