Shakespeare, 2nd year, 2021

Independent Project, 3rd Year, 2020

Absurd Theater, 2nd Year, 2020

From morning to midnight, 2nd Year, 2020

Text, Character & Objects, 2nd Year, 2020

Rhetoric Speeches, 2nd Year, 2020

Culture Night, 2020

Dionysia, 3rd Year, 2020

Aburd Theatre, 2nd Year, 2019

Woyzeck, 2nd Year, 2019

A Mouthful of Birds, 3rd Year, 2019

Culture Night, 2019

Six Characters in Search of an author, 3rd Year, 2019

Absurd Theatre, 2nd Year, 2017

Absurd Theatre, 2nd Year, 2016

Movement Class