CISPA invites


Author, director and researcher: Milda Al-Slamah
Performers: Daniel Neil Ash and Sylwia Skonieczka

At the ponds.
Two acquaintances.
Simply just strangers.

They sit.

They chat.

They part.

And as they do it again and again – something irreversibly changes…

MIND THE GAP is a play about boundaries – between two people, two stories, between reality and fiction. It is also an investigation of mental rehearsal practice, conducted by Milda Al-Slamah – directing doctoral research student at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.

This semi-improvised piece is a result of over forty hours of conversations, contemplation, and actual mental rehearsals, that were completed by CISPA alumni Daniel Neil Ash and Sylwia Skonieczka, with an aim to answer the question: can we rehearse each other into existence? The performance night will be the first time they actually meet live to allow that, which has been revolving in their heads for over a month, finally emerge into existence. You are very much invited to join the viewing of this experimental piece and become part of Milda’s research by sharing your impressions, ideas or raising questions after the performance.

Wednesday, October 21, 19:00-20:30
@ CISPA, Thoravej 35, 2400 CPH NV