CISPA 3rd year proudly presents


- by John Mighton

'Possible Worlds' is a play that searches for the soul; an investigation where reality twists and imagination folds in on itself. John Mighton's masterwork is a hauntingly beautiful exploration of the human experience, delving deep into the mysteries of consciousness and the fabric of existence. Through a captivating blend of mathematical philosophy, science fiction, and murder mystery, this spellbinding tale challenges perceptions and ignites the imagination. With its dark, moody atmosphere and visceral storytelling, 'Possible Worlds' invites audiences to ponder the very essence of thought and reality. A theatrical experience that is as thought-provoking as it is evocative. A timeless juggernaut in Canadian contemporary theatre written by one of the nation’s brightest and unique minds- in both science and art.

With CISPA 3rd Year // Directed by Michael Worthman

30 May - 06 June 2024
@ TEATERØEN, William Wains gade 18, København

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100 DKR (adults)
50 DKR (under 25 and students)


TEATERØEN, William Wains Gade 18, København