CISPA offers a 3 year acting training, providing fully qualified, professional actors for the Danish and international theatre, film and TV industry.

Every year, during spring and summer, we hold a number of auditions for the CISPA training.

The aim of the audition is to allow you, the applicant, an opportunity to show your creative potential, what you individually desire to bring forth, and to enable the CISPA audition panel in the best possible way to assess your readiness for this particular kind of acting training.

Students are accepted on the basis of a thorough audition, in the form of an all-day workshop, which consists of a series of exercises within different disciplines, and an individual interview with the artistic directors of the school.  The workshop is led by different of the CISPA teachers of acting technique, movement and song/voice training. 

Furthermore we ask you to prepare in advance a dramatic text of your own choice, lasting no more than 3 minutes. The text can be of any era, style or genre, and by any author, including self-written. The important thing is that the scene resonates with you personally in terms of the character, circumstances and themes. 

Individual and group exercises alike are designed to expose each applicant’s ”raw” talent. At the CISPA audition, we’re more interested in your openness of mind, your creative idiosyncrasies, personal courage, and a genuine curiosity about the human condition than a display of polished acting skills.

Having previous experience within theatre, film or TV is not compulsory. However, we look for distinct dramatic talent, and considering that the training is extremely demanding, the applicant is very wise prior to the audition to do some research about the specific kind of training offered at CISPA, and about acting in general.

Please note, that you must be both physically and mentally robust, and that embarking on this kind of training requires a fair quantity of self insight and discipline.

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MAY 16, 2020