Every year, during spring and summer, we hold auditions for the CISPA 3 Year Professional Acting Course.

Our audition process has been updated, please read the guidelines below very carefully before applying.

The audition consists of two rounds, a SELF-TAPE and a WORKSHOP day at CISPA:


First Round: SELF-TAPE

All applicants must submit a self-tape (video recording), consisting of

  • a short introduction of yourself (no more than 1 minute)
  • a monologue (2 – 3 minutes)
  • a choreographed sequence (1 – 2 minutes)

Please see below for further guidelines (“Preparation First Round”).

The self-tape should be transferred in connection with submitting the application form.
Your video will be assessed in this first stage by several members of the audition panel, who will select a number of applicants to proceed to the second and final stage. Thus, after the first-round audition, applicants will receive an email either informing them that they have not been successful or inviting them to an all-day workshop at CISPA on the date that they have preliminarily picked in their application.

Second (final) Round: WORKSHOP

A select group of applicants will attend an all-day workshop at CISPA, which will comprise of a variety of exercises that reflect the working methods and techniques applied in the mindbody training at CISPA. The workshop will allow you the opportunity to work in-depth with several faculty members and a student representative and enable the audition panel to assess your readiness for this particular kind of acting training.

If invited for this final round, we will ask you to prepare in advance:

  • a second dramatic scene, which must be chosen from a selection of scenes that we will send to you after your successful first round.
  • a song in your mother tongue.

Please see below for further guidelines (“Preparation Second Round”) and the Second Round audition dates.

Who is eligible to apply?

To apply, having previous experience within theatre, film or TV is not compulsory. However, we look for distinct dramatic and artistic talent, and considering that the training is extremely demanding, the applicant is very wise prior to the audition to do some research about the specific kind of training offered at CISPA, and about acting in general.

Please note, that you must be 18 years (or older) at the start of the education, both physically and mentally robust, and that embarking on this kind of training requires a fair quantity of self insight and discipline.

Furthermore, due to the current, restrictive visa regulations from the Danish government, you need to be an EU resident or hold an EU residence permit to enroll into our 3 Year Professional Acting Course.

Preparation First Round

1. A short introduction

  • Please briefly introduce yourself in English: your name, age, nationality, current place of living, and any other details you’d like to include.
  • Please state clearly the author of your dramatic scene and, if applicable, the name of the play/script, the act/scene, and the character’s name.
  • The introduction should last no more than 1 minute.

2. A dramatic scene

  • You can choose a text of any era, style or genre, and by any author, including self-written. At least half of the text should be in English, but if you want you’re welcome to present part of your scene in your mother tongue.
  • The scene should be a monologue, and be thoroughly investigated and rehearsed before recording it.
  • Regarding your choice of text, it is important that the scene resonates with you personally in terms of the character, circumstances and themes.
  • We are more interested in your personal interpretation and courageous exposing of inner life than in a polished display of acting skills.
  • The scene should last 2 – 3 minutes

3. Choreography

  • The choreography should be created and thoroughly rehearsed before recording it
  • You should choose a piece of music from the four linked to below. Please use both the music and lyrics for inspiration.
  • You may use the selected piece of music to accompany your choreography when recording it.
  • Like with the dramatic scene, we are more interested in your personal interpretation and expressing of inner states than in a flashy display of movement/dance skills. How does the song make you feel? What sensations and images does it inspire in you? And how do you express them in a physical and choreographed way?
  • The choreography should last 1 – 2 minutes

Technical Requirements for Self-Tape Submission

You don’t need any special video equipment for the Self-Tape. If you follow our guidelines it is perfectly fine to use your smartphone for recording.

Preparing Your Videos:

  • Framing:
    • For the introduction and dramatic scene, position the camera horizontally to ensure a wide view. This helps us see you and your expressions clearly.
    • For the choreography, if you’re working with limited space, a vertical shot is acceptable to better capture your movements.
  • Lighting and Visibility:Ensure your filming area is well-lit so your face is visible.
  • Sound and Image Quality:Check that both sound and image quality are clear, allowing your performance to be easily seen and heard without any distractions

Sending Your Videos:

  • Use WeTransfer to send your videos to This service is free and doesn’t require you to create an account.
  • File Naming and Description: Clearly label each video file (e.g., “Video1_Introduction”, “Video2_DramaticText”, “Video3_Choreography”) and include your full name in the message box of WeTransfer.
  • Confirmation: After sending, you will receive a confirmation email from WeTransfer. Ensure you keep this confirmation as proof of submission until you receive an acknowledgment from CISPA.

By following these simple steps, you’ll ensure your self-tape submission meets our requirements and showcases your talent in the best light.

Preparation Second Round

A dramatic scene

  • For the workshop day, you must choose and thoroughly prepare a second dramatic scene, which must be chosen from a selection of monologues that we will send to you after your successful first round.
  • Like with the self-tape monologue, we are more interested in your personal interpretation and courageous exposing of inner life than in a polished display of acting skills.

A song in your mother tongue

  • You can choose from a song of any era, style or genre, and by any musician, including self-written, as long as it is in your mother tongue. If you have several native languages, choose the language that you feel you have the most intimate, intuitive connection to.
  • The song should be performed a capella.
  • We are more interested in your personal interpretation and courageous exposing of inner life than in beautified singing.
  • Avoid copying the singing style or mannerisms of any possible idols you may have. Again, we’re looking for personal interpretation rather than a technical display of singing skills.


Over the summer there will be three all-day workshops, meaning that in your application form, you must select the date that suits you in case your first-round (self-tape) audition is successful, and you’re invited for the second and final round.

There will be an audition fee of DKK 500 for this second-round audition.

The workshop days that you will be asked to choose between on the application form are:

11 May, 2024

15 June, 2024

10 August, 2024

Application Form