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1st YEAR

Begin your exploration of the Self and the Other

The starting point of the 1st Year is a robust investigation into what it means to be a human being, and more particularly, what it means to be oneself. We are all wonderfully unique and therefore will all bring our own perspectives and experiences to the creative and artistic explorations we will undertake as performers.
Self awareness and mindful consciousness of who we are will inform the way we each approach the roles we’ll tackle as actors, but this can only be from the foundation of knowing and embracing who we are as individuals.

You will be challenged to question habitual thinking and encouraged to grow into the most courageous, inventive and liberated version of yourself under the careful and experienced guidance of the teaching staff, and without the pressure of public performances. On a regular basis, you will have the opportunity to discuss your personal and artistic development with the teachers.

During the year, a number of private showings of your work is arranged for the rest of the school, culminating in a devised show for selected audience.

Courses in the 1st Year