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2nd year
Acting Technique
The emphasis in the 2nd year is on focusing the student’s being – (sensing, thinking, ituiting and feeling) towards active doing in a dramatic context.

Exercises address character building, scene study and exploring plays from different genres to ensure that the techniques studied can be applied with authenticity and commitment to texts written in a variety of styles and from different eras. Script and character analysis go hand in hand with practical rehearsal exercises, honing the student’s ability to invest their individual crative potential while respecting the requirements of each specific play.

We strive towards the truthful and brave creation of characters, with all the physical, vocal and attitudinal transformation that best serve whatever play the character inhabits, enabling the student to make credible and honest character choices based on detailed research as well as their own intuition and courage to use themselves in the development of their characters.

During the year, a number of showings of the students’ work are arranged for the rest of the school. The 2nd year ends with the production of a play, which is performed 6 – 8 times for an invited audience.

In the 2nd Year, the student is continually challenged to push him-/herself both physically and mentally in order to further challenge habitual self perception and conventional acting choices, while all the time learning to systematize specific tools, experiences and insight gained throughout the year. The training enables the performer to draw from the intuitive creative force, which is distinctive to him/her, and consciously harness it in a specific artistic form.

Each student is supervised carefully by a panel of teachers and on a regular basis has individual interviews with the leading teachers about his/her personal and artistic development.