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2nd YEAR

Strengthen your tools and get in touch with the ensemble

In the 2nd Year you will continually be challenged to push yourself both physically and mentally in order to further challenge your habitual self perception and conventional acting choices; while all the time learning to systematize specific tools, experiences and insight gained throughout the 1st and 2nd year.
The training enables you to draw from your intuitive creative force, and consciously harness it in a specific artistic form, while practicing being in a constant correlation with scene partner(s) and the ensemble.

Exercises address character building, scene study, and exploring plays from different genres, to ensure that the techniques studied can be applied with authenticity and commitment to texts written in a variety of styles and from different eras.
Script and character analysis go hand in hand with practical rehearsal exercises, honing your ability to invest your individual creative potential while respecting the requirements of each specific play.

During the year,  a number of private showings of your work are arranged for the rest of the school.

The 2nd year ends with the production of a play, which is performed 6 – 8 times for a public audience.

Courses in the 2nd Year