The Training

We offer a 3 year professional acting course within contemporary method acting

The 3 Year Professional Acting Course at CISPA is a private, artistic education with a significant academic feature. The course has been BA level certified by the Danish Accreditation Institution/The Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

Positioned as a vital alternative to existing acting courses in Denmark and Europe, CISPA offers a unique methodological approach to a mind-body actor training (Contemporary Method Acting).
Our teachers are anchored in different methodological traditions but we have one common goal: to enable your creative force and harness it in an original artistic expression.

The training will prepare you for the work as a performer in a globalised world through a cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary focus and the inclusion of cultural and social entrepreneurship as an essential part of the training.

The training is very demanding and requires your courage, open-ness and dedication. It is important to us to maintain a culture of mutual respect and understanding and for the students to encourage one another's journey and to operate as an ensemble.

CISPA’s 3 Year Professional Acting Course
has recently been awarded a BA level certification
by the Danish Accreditation Institution/the Ministry
of Higher Education and Science!

The Training

Our Aim

Over the course of the 3 years we will enable you to:

  • Perform with personal and artistic autonomy in professional theatre, film, TV and other performing arts contexts, using a methodological mindbody approach while maintaining an openness towards new inspiration and input.
  • Conceptualise, develop, plan, implement and manage your own artistic projects as co-creational endeavours, using a cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural approach.
  • Collaborate with and challenge your surrounding communities and society as an expression of cultural entrepreneurship and active citizenship.
  • Participate in and initiate cross-disciplinary, cross-sectorial, cross-cultural and transnational collaborations.
  • Practice a research-based approach to the performing arts (the Actor as Researcher), thereby being prepared for further artistic and/or academic studies.
  • Apply a refined existential, philosophical and aesthetic approach to your artistic work.
  • Take full creative, personal and artistic ownership of the rehearsal and performance process, both individually and with collaborators.
  • Independently apply interdisciplinary elements to your artistic work (creating own writing, own props and costumes, organizing lights and scenography, location and graphic design).

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